Domestic Enemies

The Left was here long before the 1960s, calling for the execution of George Washington, plotting to stop the ratification of the Constitution, and collaborating with foreign enemies.

Stolen elections, fake news, race riots, globalism, and socialism aren’t new problems; Americans faced them from the very beginning.

Domestic Enemies reveals the true origins of the Democratic Party and its radicals, who—even two centuries ago—were calling for the redistribution of wealth, the end of marriage, and the use of schools for political indoctrination.

From political battles to street fights, Domestic Enemies takes you into the heart of a century of forgotten struggles between America’s greatest heroes—such as Washington, Hamilton, Davy Crockett, and Abraham Lincoln—and radical villains like Aaron Burr.

This is a 1619 Project for the American Left: a history of the Democrats as you’ve never heard it before, told through political debates, naval battles, race riots, scandals, secret societies, and domestic terrorism that made the Left what it is today.

Learn how the Founding Fathers defeated the Left before, and how we can beat it again.

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The true origins of the American Left

Learning the history of the domestic enemies of our country can show us how to defeat them

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Domestic Enemies

Domestic Enemies

Domestic Enemies reveals the secret origins of the Left