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Discussing Domestic Enemies Past and Present With Emerald Robinson

I was happy to join Emerald Robinson on The Absolute Truth to discuss enemies past and present, both in my book and in the current White House.

Talking About 'Domestic Enemies' With the Insurrection

 People are starting to read "Domestic Enemies" and here I chat with Derrick Evans and Mike Lauber at The Insurrection. Derrick is not just a host, but a reader. Domestic Enemies With Daniel Greenfield — Derrick Evans (@DerrickEvans4WV) March 30, 2024  

How the Democratic Party Really Got its Name

The Democratic Party claims that it's the party of democracy even as it tries to suppress any democratic political opposition from its own members and from third parties because it's not about democracy. That's easy to understand when you take into account the true origins of the Democratic Party. In my book, ' Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against The Left' , I delved into the true origins of the Democratic Party. And World Net Daily (WND) ran an exclusive excerpt of that true story . Five years away from death, George Washington rode out to battle as, for the first and last time in American history, a sitting president led the troops in the field. His real enemy was the Democratic Societies. The Democratic Societies that so troubled Washington had taken their name from an emissary of the French Revolution who had set out to overthrow the nation's first president on behalf of France. While the founders of the Philadelphia Democratic Society

Why Most Americans Don't Know the True Origins of the Left

Generations of Americans have grown up knowing very little about actual American history. In my interview with Anni Cyrus at Rise Up to Freedom , I discussed my new book, "Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against The Left" and why so few Americans know about the history revealed in it. The answer is that a national centralized educational system rewrote the teaching of American history following a Marxist template of oppressor/oppressed, class and racial warfare, to the extent that authentic history including key moments that defined America were erased.   In the process, not coincidentally, the origins of the Left that I reveal also disappeared from history. I call "Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against The Left" a 1619 Project for the Left because it exposes their own history, their radicalism and their destructiveness. The Left likes to claim that its agendas are constitutional, the truth is that it nearly stopped th

The Domestic Enemies - Pre-Sale Begins Now

It's an incredible honor to have the David Horowitz Freedom Center launch the pre-sale of my first book, 'Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left'.  I call it a '1619 Project for the American Left', telling the untold story of the rise of the movement and how America's greatest leaders, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, faced down against it in the halls of power and even in street battles.   It'll be out April 30, 2024 but you can order it now at the Freedom Center store .  

Domestic Enemies

Domestic Enemies reveals the secret history of the American Left. The Left is America’s oldest enemy. It was here long before the 1960s, calling for the execution of George Washington, plotting to stop the ratification of the Constitution, and collaborating with foreign enemies. Stolen elections, fake news, race riots, globalism, and socialism aren’t new problems; Americans faced them from the very beginning. Domestic Enemies reveals the true origins of the Democratic Party and its radicals, who—even two centuries ago—were calling for the redistribution of wealth, the end of marriage, and the use of schools for political indoctrination. From political battles to street fights, Domestic Enemies takes you into the heart of a century of forgotten struggles between America’s greatest heroes—such as Washington, Hamilton, Davy Crockett, and Abraham Lincoln—and radical villains like Aaron Burr. This is a 1619 Project for the American Left: a history of the Democrats as you’ve never heard it

Chapter 1 - How America's First Community Organizer Used a Pandemic to Steal an Election - Preview

Using a disease outbreak to change voting rules and rig an election isn’t a new idea. Two hundred years ago, the father of the Democratic urban political machine used the fear of a virus to stuff the voting rolls, win an election, change the course of history, and nearly become the president of the United States n the spring of 1793, the nation’s first president had taken his second oath of office in Congress Hall. By the fall, the new country’s government and much of Philadelphia’s population had fled the city’s yellow fever epidemic.  In a letter to James Madison, President George Washington, who had joined the Philadelphia exodus of 1793, discussed convening Congress somewhere else: “If cool weather accompanied with rain does not put a stop to the Malady, distressing indeed must be the condition of that City—now almost depopulated by removals & deaths.”  The federal government—which had only recently moved to Philadelphia—fell apart, as Washington returned to Virginia,